Let’s End “Tahoe Time”

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Many of us who have lived in this wonderful place for an extended period of time and done some business up here know what “Tahoe Time” is. For those of you who don’t, consider yourself lucky. “Tahoe Time” is simply this: when a Tahoe local states they will meet you at a given date and time, but either completely misses the meeting, or is late. This actually happens so often that it was given to aforementioned title, which just hurts me.

I was born and raised in Tahoe. “Tahoe Time” has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. While it is something expected and occasionally acceptable in personal settings, professionally it is deadly. I have a career in both software engineering and real estate, so unfortunately this phenomenon affects me daily. Generally, I can handle it when it only affects me, but recently I had the opportunity to sit down with a group of people who all owned property up here. A few of them were seasonal locals and a few of them simply rent out their vacation homes. I happened to arrive for our meeting only a few minutes early, but they made me feel like I had performed a miracle.

View of forest and framing of house missing insulation and sheetrock.

These walls should have been in about three weeks ago.

Every single one of them had horror stories on what lack of time management had cost them in doing business up here. I’m not talking about just those of us in labor and construction. One of them had huge tax penalties from having CPAs miss multiple meetings, while another had to take her three hour trip up to Tahoe four times so she could meet with a local lawyer. Most of them had issues with professionals in the real estate industry working off of a very different time schedule.

I have my own sad stories as I am sure many others do too. It needs to stop. It is hurting our businesses. It is hurting our

Standing at the edge of a house work site looking out on a Tahoe meadow with trees and mountains in the distance.

At least it is a good view while I wait.

reputation. We’re being laughed at and thought of as a joke. Online shopping is becoming so cheap and easy, and big box stores just down the hill now seem willing to install, deliver, and maintain anything people could need. Not to mention our lackluster snow seasons over the past few years. Now is when we should be putting everything into making Tahoe a wonderful experience for guests and locals alike. We can still be that funky, fun, mountain beach town, and have punctuality. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Can we please just bring an end to “Tahoe Time”? Whatever your business, this will help it. I promise. You’ll thank me.

Travis Rougier is a modern day Renaissance man. Tech guru. Real estate expert extraordinaire. Purveyor of Amazing Things. Heliophile. Father of three.  I write on my own blog here.

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