Part 2: Reno/Tahoe is About to Boom

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This is the second part of this article. If you missed the first one you can find it here.

reno spark and tahoe edawn logoAll told, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) predicts over 50,000 new jobs coming to Reno in the next few years. That number is right around the entire population of Carson City. This surge in job opportunities is absolutely amazing! We will need a skilled workforce to fill these jobs. The need for skilled workers incentivizes some of the community colleges to begin instituting programs for these positions. Perhaps some of these community colleges (I’m looking at you and begging, LTCC) can even get a few four-year programs in place! The question you’re probably asking, though: Ultimately, what does this really mean for Tahoe? Well, I’m glad you asked.

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If there are 50,000 new jobs a little over an hour away, Reno suddenly becomes a decent metropolis sure to attract highly skilled labor. It also provides an excellent outlet for our own graduating high school seniors and LTCC sophomores. With highly skilled jobs close by, more of us who actually grew up here have an economic reason to stay local. Our population doesn’t have to be nearly as transient. More young people permanently in the area means we will see an influx of money on a REGULAR basis, not just seasonally. Reno then begins to look like some places in California–places from where we get a lot of our tourists.


Here in Tahoe we suddenly have a whole new pool of potential visitors. These new visitors won’t be visiting to dump their money into casinos as that type of entertainment is something they’ll have in their own backyards. These visitors are going to be guests that are here for our night life, food, outdoor activities, and whatever else we can conjure up. I strongly believe we’ll see a surge in our local businesses.

Fallen leaf lake in the foreground with lake tahoe behind itNow remember what I said before about the multiplier effect? That will also be in play here in Tahoe. The explosion of jobs coming to Reno will flood into Tahoe on a smaller scale creating secondary and tertiary jobs as business begin or expand here. We’ll see less economic turmoil and disaster in the area when we, oh I dunno, have a terrible snow season.


Yes, there are always ups-and-downs in an economy based on tourism, but it doesn’t have to be as tumultuous as what we often experience. Not if we are suddenly Reno’s outdoor playground for a bunch of young people with disposable income. Not if we as a community are able to capitalize on the growth nearby to bolster our own. Alexandre Dumas once wrote: “Nothing succeeds like success.” I have found this to be absolutely true. Success does breed success, and we locals need to be ready and able to meet the demands of the impending blast. Let’s have our own multiplier effect that creates a boom here at home.

Travis Rougier is a modern day Renaissance man. Tech guru. Real estate expert extraordinaire. Purveyor of Amazing Things. Heliophile. Father of three. I write on my own blog here.

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