It’s Not About Your Age, It’s About Your Attitude

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By: Devin Middlebrook

Often people ask if the Tahoe Regional Young Professionals or TRYP have an age limit for our events or membership. This is an understandable question, “young” is in our name, but it doesn’t define our organization or members. TRYP was founded in 2011 to fill a gap in our community. There were no organizations connecting young professionals with each other and advancing their role in the community. By creating a support network of young professionals in the community we aimed to keep people here, attract talented people, and grow the local economy. What we quickly discovered was our mission and goals resonated with a much larger group of community members than just “young professionals”. With the diverse group of community members that are part of TRYP, one thing is clear, “it’s not about your age, it’s about your attitude.” What does this mean?

If you have attended one of our networking mixers, workshops, a Tahoe Town Hall event, member outing, or fundraiser you know the diversity of community members that attend. From recent transplants to long time locals, young and old are all engaged and contributing to TRYP. This diversity reflects our community and people coming together to support one another. We all face the same challenges of trying to make it in Tahoe, why not give back and build the community you want.

The attitude of our members, board of directors, and supporters is what ties this organization together. The shared goal of making Tahoe better and empowering the community. This is the attitude our organizations wants for foster and grow.

No matter your age, profession, or place in the community join us at an upcoming event and see what TRYP is all about! To find an event near you visit our Facebook page at

Devin Middlebrook is executive director of the Tahoe Regional Young Professionals. For comments, questions, or more information on how to get involved please email Devin and or visit

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