Meet the Board: Felicity – Membership Board Member

What is your favorite thing about TRYP?

I really value the professional and personal development opportunities that it has provided… but my favorite thing has to be that we are like a big family! I never feel alone. Our crew has had my back entirely and supported me through some really intense stuff: injuries, life altering changed, friends having crazy stuff happen and needing some extra love…. I have always been able to hit up one of our members and they usually drop everything and do more than necessary! Our family loves awesomely and its really inspiring.

Where do you work?

Oh this is a fun one because people get so shocked a lot when they run into me at work. I work at the Barton Center for Orthopedics and Wellness as a performance therapy tech. I absolutely love my job!! And because it is Tahoe and #billsdontpaythemselves I have also had a #sidehustle that goes back to my Chico days… I do freelance marketing, content management, and business consulting on the side- in my “free time” 😉

How long have you been in TRYP?

Julia hooked me on TRYP before I had officially moved to Tahoe. The night I signed my lease Julia was over hanging out with my soon to be roommates. She got me interested and I joined immediately… even joined the marketing committee that night.

I was inspired by the community involvement. I had participated heavily in 20-30 clubs elsewhere, and wanted to really dig in and be a member of the community. I care about this community. When I came to town for my interview I knew instantly that I had found my forever home- so I wanted to get involved and invest my time and love in this community I plan to someday raise kids in.

When did you move to Tahoe and why?
I moved to Tahoe October 24th 2016… I’ve been a TRYP member since September 2016 😉

I was back living in the Northern California valley, in Chico, and summer reminded me why I had been living in the mountains. One day when the high was 120 and it cooled down to a balmy 95- I sat wide awake and sweaty as heck, and started applying to jobs in mountain towns everywhere… California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Southern Oregon. I was desperate to cool down.

Where is your all time favorite place to eat in town?
Easy… hands down… Outpost Brewing. Their mac n’ cheese is off the charts delish. Also I really love supporting their business because when I hadn’t officially moved to town yet but was staying in town and getting some hours of work before my move- they hooked it up. I was totally bowled over but the overwhelming kindness. For easily two weeks various staff members bought me breakfast and dinner every damn day. They were the difference that allowed me to put gas in my car to get back home to move here- and you know… starving. I highly recommend you support their business. Secret menu tip if its not busy… Chili Mac!! I know, lives just changed.

When I am not working….

I am playing!! I spent most of June and July in the lake. People don’t always believe me but I literally only get out to snack. I also was swimming 3 miles every morning before I injured my knee. I play nonetheless… I spend time with friends, and love to be active. I love volunteering too so that happens a lot too. I just love enjoying this place we are blessed to live in and call home!