Board Member Spotlight: Kelley Edwards

What is your favorite thing about TRYP?
My favorite thing about TRYP is the amazing, inspiring, and supportive friends that I have made at the mixers and on the board.
What do you do for work?
I am the Recreation Supervisor for the City of South Lake Tahoe so I get to work at the Recreation and Swim Complex.
How did you discover TRYP?
I was a member of TRYP a few years ago and drifted away because life got busy. I recently joined again and became a board member with encouragement from fellow board member Hannah Marzocco.
What brought you to Tahoe?
I moved to Tahoe to be a ski bum for the winter of 2009. I had planned to go get a “real job” again the next year, but 9 years later I’ve decided if it’s not in Tahoe it’s not a real job for me.
What is your favorite place to eat in town?
Oh man, I can’t just pick one place! We have so many awesome places to eat in town. I love sushi and if I’m treating myself, I would go to Naked Fish but I often find myself at Aleworx for the best wood fired pizza and beer in town. If I feel like a fancy cocktail then I’m at Edgewood and the french fries at Artemis are delicious!
What do you like to do in Tahoe outside of work?
When I’m not working I love skiing at Sierra at Tahoe in the winter. On the warm days, I love hiking or horseback riding. I just love to be outside in this beautiful place I get to call home.