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Tools to Develop Your Professional Skills

TRYP offers professional development opportunities that cover various topics meant to benefit personal and professional life.

Learn important skills from workshops like, “How to Say No and Create Boundaries,” “Tax Preparation 101” and “How to Talk to Your Boss.” They are geared towards professionals of any age, in any industry.


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Adulting 101: The Connection between Physical & Mental Health

Tahoe Regional Young Professionals believes in the importance Individual and Community Well-Being. For Mental Health Awareness Month we will be hosting an event to discuss the connection between physical and mental health. This topic affects every person in our community and we are working with Barton Health and the Suicide Prevention Network to showcase local resources and open a dialogue between community members.  If you are interested in sharing resources that your organization provides to our community, please contact

Adulting 101: Modern Day Mentorship

Join a panel of local mentors to learn about modern day mentorships, different styles of mentoring relationships, and how to find the right mentor for you.
The panel will be followed by an opportunity to meet professionals willing to mentor young professionals.

Along with our workshops we have the ability to support our member’s ambitions. As a charitable organization we want to give money back to our community and members. By being a TRYP member you have the opportunity to let us know how we can help you.

  • Do you need a college unit to improve your skill set.
  • Can you attend a conference or event that will empower you?
  • Do you have a project that is beneficial to the community that needs support?

We have a few strings attached to qualify:

  • Valid TRYP current membership
  • Written Application
  • Board Approval of Project
  • You will pay for the cost and be reimbursed upon completion. The board currently has a giving allowance of $50 – 1000 per request. Your entire need or board determined percentage will be provided to you upon completion of a Blog post outlining your successful experience.

Email us at to learn more.


*Please submit your request in a timely manner. The board will meet on a monthly basis if determination is required for funding approval. The board reserves all rights of determination of award. In certain circumstances a portion of the cost may be paid upfront to ensure attendance in case of limited resources or special circumstance.

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