Board Member Spotlight: Aaron Hinson

Meet one of our newest board members, Aaron! We are so excited to have him on the board, make sure you come say hi to him at our next mixer!

What is your favorite thing about TRYP?

The people, the laughs I share with other members at events.  I get a lot of inspiration from the interactions with other members, its a very diverse and interesting group and my closest friendships in town have been from TRYP.

Since TRYP is all about Professional Networking, where do you work in Tahoe?

I am a Mortgage Loan Officer with Mutual of Omaha.  I also moonlight as Weird Al  Yankovi style guitarist, thats on my youtube. But mostly I’m a Loan Officer (a darn good one). I suck at networking I plug my jokes before my business. But I rock Home Loans like a champ. I love what I do because I can leverage my 14 years experience to serve my clients.

How long have you been a member, and what inspired you to join?

Been a member for about a year.  Hannah suggested I attend an event and my motto in a new town was to try anything. Turns out my fav people were all in TRYP and its been a blast ever since.

When did you move to Tahoe and what brought you here?

Feb 2017, there was a bit of snow then as I recall. Long story short I had lived in Denver for 7 years, my career and social life was pretty extreme.  Found out my Mom wasn’t going to be around a lot longer and decided to move back to Baltimore to get to spend that time with her, that was the best decision I ever made.  I had planned to go back to Denver but that time gave me a unique perspective on life. In the summer of 2013 (Tahoe Tweezer!) I had come to Tahoe to see Phish and caught a glimpse of the beauty here and also noticed how close the chair lifts were. After a little soul searching I decided to try something new and unknown so drove from Baltimore to Tahoe to see what happened.  I’m an east coaster at heart I don’t know what brought me here other than on the surface the chair lifts were close. Today I know it was more than that that brought me here. The growth and freedom the nature and serenity Tahoe has given me tells me I am in the right place.

Where is your all-time favorite place to eat in town?

Naked Fish- Sushi, Scusa great Italian,  Blue Dog – Pizza (no joke, get extra cheese and its almost east coat quality) Ace BBQ does good BBQ. McDonalds too, no shame i eat Sausage McMuffins on the reg.

When you’re not working, what do you typically enjoy doing around Tahoe on a nice day?

Making sure my dog Luna is loving life, that’s my metric.  I follow Luna’s lead, take her where she will have fun and be happy and my life will fall into place.