2018 Winter White Carnival, Saturday, November 17th 6 – 10 PM


Location: Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

Carnival Theme: The event will feature booths with carnival style games. Guests will receive a gift bag upon entry with starting game tickets and more can be purchased. Playing games can produce more tickets to be redeemed for raffle tickets. Food will be provided by the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.

Costume Contest: The event will feature a costume contest!  See below for Rules:
– Costume must be primarily white/shades of white
– Think outside the box: creativity and uniqueness are key
– You most likely wouldn’t wear this attire if it wasn’t Winter White or Halloween
–  Pop culture references, movie characters tie-in, connection to Tahoe are encouraged
– Tell a story with your costume

After Party: The Official Winter White After Party is TBD!

– TRYP Member Tickets : $$$ with a maximum of 1 ticket per Member
– Non-TRYP Member Tickets: $$$ each
– Become a TRYP Member and get discounted Winter White Ticket: $$$ each
– TRYP Sponsor Tickets: $$$ with a maximum of 4 tickets per Sponsor
– Raffle and Game Tickets are available below!

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